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A Bail Bond Can Help Defendants Get Home to Their Families

Jail is uncomfortable on purpose. It is designed to hold people who have been accused of crimes but cannot afford to give collateral to the court to convince the judge they will return for their trial. People who are accused of more serious crimes often have a higher bail than those who have steady jobs and are more likely to return to court than not. Some people have friends and family that are willing to use their own property or cash to get their loved one out of jail and back home to their family.

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A bail bond is often a more affordable way to get a person out of jail. Instead of depositing the total amount with the court, the defendant or their family pay a bail bondsman a specified amount, which is usually a portion of the amount the court wants. When they opt for bail bonds fulton county defendants don’t have to have a lot of money or own property to get out of jail before their trial. Although they won’t get their money back when the case is over, using a bail bond instead of paying bail money to the court is the ideal choice for many defendants.

Most atlanta bail bonds offices are open around the clock. People are arrested at all hours of the day and night and they all want to get out of jail quickly. No one wants to spend the night in a smelly jail with criminals. An experienced bail bondsman will work quickly to get their client out of lockup so they can get home to their comfortable bed alongside their family. If they have to go to work the next day, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to make it.

When a person gets out of jail on bond, they are required to be present at all of the mandatory hearings related to their case. If they fail to attend or get excused, their bond could be revoked and they will have to go back to jail. It might be much harder to get a bail bond after forfeiting one. Defendants should always follow the rules to avoid this problem.

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